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We have been training effective communication globally for over 10 years. We’ve been chefs, we have worked in TV and succeeded on Social Media.  We have demonstrated our way around the globe, we train in some of the world’s leading culinary arts schools, but most importantly we really care about unlocking potential.

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We have a range of courses from 1 day to 5 day intensive workshops in locations around the world.

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Building The Social Media Chef

Being a chef is not all about being stuck in the kitchen.  Today, there are so many opportunities outside the kitchen for you to take.  For anyone who has ever been a chef or worked in a kitchen, you'll know, it’s pretty hard, not always well paid, with very long and unsociable hours and quite often you can burn out at a young age.

It used to be the case that only people who actually ate your food knew that you were a good chef.  However, now with the internet and Social Media, it offers the perfect platform for you to let everyone in the world know how good a chef you are…..and the more people that see you, the more opportunities that will come your way !!

If you can build an audience on Social Media, the opportunity is there for you to turn that exposure into money.  With traditional media turned upside down and diluted by the internet over the past decade. Companies are desperate to find engaged consumers and new routes to market.

As a Social Media Chef, your engaged audience on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are the perfect vehicle for these companies to reach new customers and that can mean revenue for you.


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