Our Approach

We firmly believe that there is always "so much more in you".  As a chef, there are many opportunities outside the kitchen and our core approach is to boost confidence in communicating and demonstrating at the same time as well as your own belief that "you can do it".  Our training is focused, honest and intense.  We are committed to carefully guiding you to develop a career strategy, personal brand and ultimately to launch a Social Media platform and open those doors of opportunity.

Our Story

We have been training effective communication globally for over 10 years.  We’ve been chefs, we've worked in TV and succeeded on Social Media.  We have demonstrated our way around the globe and currently train in some of the world’s leading culinary arts schools, but most importantly we really care about unlocking your potential.

Meet the Founder

Tony Hindhaugh

Founder and Senior Trainer

Tony's passion for food, drink and media is conteagious .  With over 20 years in the industry at a top level, he has seen the role of the chef change from one of necessity to one of aspiration. From one of an invisible kitchen chef to one of a global Social Media superstar.

His niche is working with chefs to develop their ability to naturally talk and cook at the same time as well as how to engage and inspire an audience, weather live or through a TV camera.

Working with numerous household names from around the globe.  He has extensive experience in building Chef Brands, increasing their Social Media presence and visibility and ultimately turning their notoriety into a revenue.

Tony is 100% involved in the training and is obsessed with getting the best out of everyone that he works with.

Next Steps...

If you would like any information about our courses or what the workshops cover, then contact us here and we would love to tell you more.....