5 Day Intensive Workshop

Session Plan

The 5 Day workshop is intensive and very interactive.  Is it aimed for anyone wanting to develop confidence, effective communication and  demonstrating skills as well as how to develop a social media strategy and build a brand "Chef".

Each student gets;

  • A professionally edited demonstration showreel
  • A digital Video CV
  • A comprehensive Social Media strategy digital presentation
  • 5 Professional photographs
  • All raw film footage from the workshop

 Day 1

  • The Principles of Communication
  • Being Yourself
  • Practical Aspect of Communicating
  • Preparation of Simple Messages
  • Filmed Exercise
  • Playback and Review
  • Autocue / Teleprompter
  • Filmed Exercise
  • Playback and Review
  • Co Hosting Principles
  • Filmed exercise,
  • Playback and Review
  • Questions and Answers

Day 2 

  • Review of Day 1
  • Filmed Warm up Exercise
  • The Principles of Demonstrating
  • Mental Mapping Exercise
  • Filmed Demonstrating Exercise
  • Playback and Review
  • Talk Back Principles and Working to Time
  • Interviewing
  • Filmed exercise
  • Playback and Review
  • Questions and Answer

Day 3

  • Review of Day 2
  • Filmed Warm up Exercise
  • Career Strategy and Opportunities
  • How to Promote Yourself and build a brand
  • Social Media and how to use it
  • Producing Your Own Content
  • Product Demonstrating Filmed Exercise
  • Playback and Review
  • Interviewing and Demonstrating Filmed Exercise
  • Playback and Review
  • Questions and answers

Day 4

  • Review of Day 3
  • Filmed Warm up Exercise
  • Perfecting your Personal Statement
  • Filming a Video Personal Statement / Pitch
  • Filmed Demonstration
  • Playback and Review
  • Filmed 10 minute TV Show,
  • Playback and Review
  • Professional photographs (option)
  • Questions and answers

Day 5

  • Showreel filming day on location in local Market


Currently running in the United Kingdom, UAE, India, South Africa, USA, Switzerland.

For more information on dates and bookings, Contact Us for details.

Example showreel from one of the workshops